A central station monitoring design is too sophisticated for the design to be entrusted to amateurs. Besides, it is such a demanding task to have this design erected in your preferred location. There are notably several standards that have to be met before the design and installation could carry on.

When thinking of a central monitoring station, consider how the alarm signals will be received at your station. How do you interface with other authorities? How do you store data on your station? Do you have enough power supply to ensure that the station runs 24/7? All these pertinent questions and many more should be asked before planning your station.

Because we are well rounded and experienced in these stations, we can make your job a cinch. As an our technicians plan the overall design with the customer and ensure that it meets all world wide standards. From the architectural plan, design to installation and maintenance, Nearby Engineers has proved to be a reliable partner for many individuals and companies.

Unrivaled Quality
Our Central Station Monitoring Design is unrivaled by any of our competitors. We design you the best to monitor multiple home security and fire alarms

We identify & eliminate unnecessary energy consumption, leaving you with maximal functionality for the minimum annual energy cost.

 basic features that must be included in a central MONITORING station (CMS) 


Consistent Reliable Service:​

In the data analysis world, consistency creates a pattern that isolates outliers. When service is consistent and reliable, inefficiencies are more easily detectable. 

What Does A Central MONITORING Station Design Entail?

The crux of every burglary and fire alarm

system installation is the central station monitoring design that receives alarm signals from customer’s premises. Al Kashef Engineers technicians are experts in designing central stations in accordance with world wide standerds 

Central Station Redundancy:

Physical Locations,Databases,Firewalls,Signal Paths,Power Sources,Networks,Access Switches,Uplinks to Core Infrastructure

​​Central Monitoring Station Design

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Central Station Automation:​

Scripts and procedures for operators,Signal management and partition,Need forecasting,
Data collection,Technology integratio

Techoogy integration

Built to Last

All of our systems are designed with longevity in mind, saving you maintenance costs down the line.